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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
  NEWS FLASH: is gone, thousands of bands have been dumped. You need to get your music online. There are some places that are free and some have a fee, but the most important thing is to get the songs online, then you can link to them from your webpage or have them on the same page.
People need to hear your music.

Some good places to get your music hosted are and
Garage band is competitive and may dump your music if you dont get through the competition. SubExpanse is straight hosting. They will keep your music up.

Email me more news or ideas as you have them 
Monday, November 24, 2003
  Hey everyone, so I wanted to set up this Blog to list cool links to sites that help unsigned bands promote themselves, to the DIY or get signed, whatever they want.

Please link to me or bookmark because I think this stuff will be useful, and I'll keep adding as much as I can.

Firstly a band must have a web prescence. You have to have a website. If you cant afford one get an Angelfire site or you might still be able to get your music onto
SubExpanse is a new one.

Another cool way to get your music onto the web is through your lyrics. You can post them at Palace Gallery Song Lyrics, Indie Lyrics or (pop-ups).

So how do you PROMOTE your site or your lyrics, obviuosly hand out fliers around your town, but on the web, you might want to join a Topsites site like APIG Sites or Ultimate topsites.

Once oyur site is up, you need to get it onto search engines, and best place to achieve this is through Self Promotion its free and effective for smaller sites.
FOr Google, the most important site Go here. The other main site, and hardest one is DMOZ.

ALso hit up your Local Scene band directories like or Local

The most invaluable resource for DIY bands is Book Your Own Fucking Life, a partner of Maximum Rock'nRoll magazine.

Check all these out and you can choose for yourself which ones will be good for you and yours ituation.
More info soon.

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Links that I can find to help unsigned bands promote themselves.

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